September 2000, Outburn Magazine Issue #13, Page 64

Rating: 3 out of 5
(Interdimensional Industries)


MINIMAL DRONING SOUNDSCAPES: Ever wonder what pictures sound like?  Tennessee based brothers Matthew and Robert Kieren have tackled that question and discovered an answer.  They have developed software that converts images into sound.  Over one hundred pictures were converted into audible sounds, some of which included:  UFOs, crop circles, aliens, deep space nebulae formations, as well as various designs and symbols.  Draemgate's noteworthy approach to sound design results in a lengthy and brooding journey into droning soundscapes.  Song titles such as "Flight of Feathered Serpents,"  "Resurrection of Nemesis," and "The Seven Bonds of Heaven and Earth" add a dark and whimsical context to the otherwise minimal tracks.  With a lot of patience and repeated listenings, the dark ambience, subtle variations, and nuances of Twilight will grow on you.   ~ Octavia


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