April 19th, 2001

Draemgate: Twilight (CD, 62:26);
Interdimensional Industries, 2000 INTER04
Cyberhome: http://www.draemgate.com
E-mail: comments@draemgate.com
There is no music happening here none whatsoever! If, however you are a sounds-junkie, noise lover, dark ambient fanatic, or into avant garde experimental "music" then look no further. Draemgate offers a woefully dreary and dank walk into the catacombs of frozen worlds on the edge of sanity. What does a crop circle sound like? Do the deep places of space have voices, sing of mysteries? And what of occultic symbols and enigmatic patterns we find have they something to say? Can anyone really translate visual information into the selfsame echo of its true auditory signal? Yes or no?

I quote Draemgate,

"The image-to-sound conversion process (invented by Matthew E. Kieren) . . . uses an image to create a unique sound. It does this by using mathematical algorithms to convert each individual pixel into frequency modulation. However, what really matters is the end result . . . Over a hundred images were used of crop circles, deep space nebulae, and other various designs and natural formations." Is this enjoyable? All sci-fi/fantasy/horror soundtrack fans need this and you doomers and ultra-goth goons should dig this scene. I found it a very interesting listen and I kept wondering what image created what piece. This is not for someone sitting alone at home on a stormy night with a fearful mindset. Fear and dread fill this CD and a foreboding essence weighs heavily throughout. Ooh fun!

Warning: Do not crank your speakers too loud as the dynamics of this recording might out your cheaper brands.

Personnel: Matthew Everet Kieren and Robert Shawn Kieren

Tracks: Seven truly disturbing, dark, and extremely unusual experiences in sound await to engulf you..



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