August 5th, 2000

~reviewed by Edwin Somnambulist

        Draemgate's Twilight is the first non-Canadian release on Interdimensional Industries -- a label best known for its paramount support of the Canadian independent music scene and local music. Of course, my first reaction was "Why an American band?" After hearing Twilight, my apprehensions were put to rest. Interdimensional believes in Canadian music, yes, but they also have a mandate to release enlightening music, and that's what Draemgate is all about.

        Draemgate is a project out of Knoxville, Tennessee, composed of two brothers, Matthew Everet Kieren and Robert Shawn Kieren.

        While the term "experimental music" gets bantered about incessantly in music today, its actual meaning seems to have been distorted. An experiment in music is much like an experiment in science: it is a process that has no definite predictable outcome, of which the product is not certain. Draemgate's style of making music embodies the original definition of "experimental". The brothers have developed a method by which they can use computers to convert images to sound. Their belief is that pictures hold not only visual information, but auditory as well. The visual media that they use to produce their sounds are of strange and natural formations, such as crop circles, and nebulae.

        Perhaps my only complaint about this album is that I would have liked to see the pictures that were used in creating the music, to give a deeper connection to the sound, and a feeling of understanding where the music originated.

        The soundscapes that Draemgate create through their process are rich and varied, and very relaxing. Easily good background music.


1. Illud Tempus
2. Gamma Draconis
3. Flight of the Feathered Serpents
4. The Seven Bonds of Heaven and Earth
5. Heliocentric Descent
6. Resurrection of Nemesis
7. Tower of Syene

Draemgate is Matthew Everet Kieren and Robert Shawn Kieren
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Edwin Locke a.k.a. Edwin Somnambulist


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