July 12th, 1999

~O.k., so I've been making an obscene amount of noise about this project, and playing it faithfully almost every show since I got it.. Now a few words as to why. I am a HUGE fan of dark ambient soundscapes. The evocative moods, the mirroring of my own state of mind.. It's all so alluring. I love playing dark ambient on my shows because it leaves me far more freedom to mix-n-match and create even vaster audio maps of cruelty/sorrow/anger/despair, what have you. As my meager gear collection continues to grow, so too will my explorations into this sound medium continue. Thus when the opportunity came along to get my hands on a new project, I jumped at the chance. (Like all DJ's who are offered the chance to get free stuff do...) When I first slammed the demo disc in my CD-player, my impression wasn't all that strong. Good background drones, but little above and beyond that. Not to mention the proliferation of high-pitched screeches that pervaded the entire disc. But, being the fair and just DJ that I am, I played it on :Electromagnetic: all the same. (I am not one to refuse to play stuff sent to me.. If a label/band is going to put out the effort to send me free gear, I'll bloody well make sure it gets used, even if I have to forward it to a more appropriate DJ.) I discovered that Draemgate was good for my fledgling remixing.. This in turn led me to evaluate more solidly the material I had in my possession. Continued emailing between the band and myself helped as well. (Nothing like a project with their act together enough to properly correspond with their chosen DJ's to set the karma straight.) Anyways, after a time I was sent another copy of "Twilight", this one with toned down shrieks. (Another good point about Draemgate.. They actually listen to their fan feedback.) Upon closer examination of the material, I have drastically changed my first opinion.

Here's a description, as best as I can throw together:

Draemgate has a sound that can best be described as what Iron would sound like being razored apart on a molecular level by a monofilament edge.

Sound interesting? It is. How they achieve this sound is equally interesting. Draemgate is the brainchild of Robert and Matthew Kieren, brothers from the USA. They have developed a technique for creating sounds by making an audio map of an image. They then take an assortment of esoteric imagery and run the program over it. U.F.O.'s, ghosts, aliens, crop circles, deep space nebulae formations, and various paranormal images are used, the end result of any given song being a combination of images fused into sound. They sidestep this trend with track one on the Twilight CD, "Illud Tempus." This track was written off of only one image, the Shroud of Turin. Totally beatless, this CD draws the listener into a void, exactly the kind of place any introspective fan of intelligent dark electronic material likes to be. Reminiscent in places of the Lustmord work, "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang", Draemgate easily stands up to such a challenging comparison. This CD isn't yet commonly available, but preliminary negotiations are underway with Interdimensional Industries to pick this absolutely stunning project up. Watch for it. Draemgate has a solid website which can be found at http://www.draemgate.com.

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