December 10th, 2001

Artist: Draemgate
Country: USA
Album: Twilight
Style: Dark Ambient
Rating: 7.5 - 10

Reviewed by: Azriel J. Knight

Draemgate has really dawned onto something when they decided to release their debut CD Twilight. The music produced in the album is actually images converted into sound, bloody amazing! "The image-to-sound conversion process (invented by Matthew E. Kieren) is not to be confused with a Macintosh-only program called MetaSynth," says Draemgate on their FAQ section of their web site. "MetaSynth uses pixel information in an image to represent volume/pitch/sustain/duration/etc. of a pre-existing sound that you've specified. In other words, it uses an image to determine how to play a sound. Our method is entirely different in that it uses an image to create a unique sound. It does this by using mathematical algorithms to convert each individual pixel into frequency modulation."

So what images does Draemgate use? Crop circles, deep space nebulae and various other designs and natural phenomenon, all and all over 100 images were used in Twilight. The result is euphoria for the ears and hypnosis of the mind.

The experimental ambience of Matthew and Robert Kieren begins with Illud Tempus a gradually progressive 13 minute track that will have your mind produce images or all sorts. Illud Tempus begins to pan out and track 2 Gamma Draconis begins. The progression and changes in the music are so gradual, so trance like that you will be inadvertently be placed into a meditative state. Think of Silent Watcher of Dark Matter meet the X-Files. Gamma Draconis and most of the album has a very Alien feel to it, anyone remotely interested in ambient music should have a listen to this, if not for the interest in music, but simply for the pursuit of creative musicians.

The rest of the CD is the same, dark, dreamy minimal but progressive dark ambient tracks. If you would like to know what a crop circle or deep space nebula sounds like I suggest picking up Twilight.

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