May 17th, 2000

Hello all! We hope this update finds you well and fully bathed in a flux of really good new releases from all over the world. Now is a great time to be a fan of electronic music. Well, to add to the mix we at Interdimensional Industries have just received the first print run of the long-anticipated debut album from the newest masters of dark ambient drones, DRAEMGATE.

DRAEMGATE - "Twilight" - Inter004

From the heat of the southern United States comes the masterfully executed experimentalism of Draemgate. A sheet of iron being pulled apart, a forsaken scream stretched across eternity, desolation encoded into an 11-digit binary language.. The sound of Draemgate is all these things and more. "Twilight" is a stunning blast of drones, immediately placing Draemgate at the forefront of their contemporaries. Fans of such dark-ambient staples as Lustmord, Raison D' Etre, Deutch Nepal, Stratvm Terror, and BrighterDeathNow have a new project to add to their wish-list. "Twilight" is sure to satisfy even the most jaded of elitist tastes! Add to all of this an extremely unique approach to the actual writing of the music, and a faithful adherence to the principles of the arcane and the multi-faceted creature that is Draemgate begins to unfold.

Interdimensional Industries is proud to present this release to fans of experimentalist music worldwide, and we look forward to offering further releases of similar quality in the future.

Further information on Draemgate can be found at their website,

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As always, we wish you the best, and urge you all to unite in the face of adversity. This scene, this genre, it is ours. Wear it with pride. Until next time!

Interdimensional Industries


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