Old News

    [ Tuesday: June 13th, 2000  -  9:04am ]

    Added an interesting facts about the Twilight CD section, and a detailed list of information about each track name.

    [ Saturday: June 10th, 2000  -  7:45am ]

    Added Spectral Analysis images of all tracks on the Twilight CD. Also updated the downloads section with MP3's of track 4 and 6 off the Twilight CD.

    [ Sunday: June 4th, 2000  -  4:18am ]

    Note to those who own the Twilight CD: There was a minor mistake for the credit of mastering on the inside of the insert. Mastering was by Matthew Everet Kieren.

    [ Tuesday: May 16th, 2000  -  10:41pm ]

    The Twilight CD is finally here!!!  Please go to the merchandise section for purchase directions. Only $12.97!!

    [ Monday: May 15th, 2000  -  9:18pm ]

    Several changes and updates have been made throughout the site. Interdimensional has received the first batch of Twilight CDs. Check back for updates!

    [ Friday: April 28th, 2000  -  12:04am ]

    I have made a few minor changes and additions throughout the site. Also, the Twilight CD will be available for purchase very soon.

    [ Friday: April 14th, 2000  -  12:46am ]

    Good news - the films are finally complete, and the disc order has been sent to the plant. If everything keeps going smoothly, Twilight will be available soon. Check back for more updates..

    [ Monday: March 27th, 2000  -  8:04pm ]

    Bad news - because of some technical difficulties, the release of Twilight has been pushed to sometime in April. We apologize for this inconvenience, check back for updates..

    [ Wednesday: March 1st, 2000  -  5:05pm ]

    We've recently won another web site award, the Hawk award, which can be found in the links section.

    [ Monday: February 21st, 2000  -  2:17pm ]

    As you have probably already noticed, the web site has had major changes and enhancements.  Enjoy! :)

    [ Monday: February 7th, 2000  -  4:33am ]

    It's official, Twilight will be released March 25th, 2000!!!

    [ Monday: January 24th, 2000  -  7:53am ]

    The Twilight CD will be available soon!! Keep your eyes open for updates! Also, I'm in the process of completely redesigning the web site.

    [ Wednesday: January 14th, 2000  -  11:32pm ]

    Ressurection of Nemesis, a track on the Twilight CD, has been remixed by Seventh Image. You can download the MP3 by clicking here..

    [ Tuesday: January 4th, 2000  -  8:12am ]

    If you tried to access the web site in the past few days, you might have noticed it was inaccessible. The web server had a major system crash and only very recently managed to get it fully restored. Everything appears to be back up and running now though..

    [ Saturday: January 1st, 2000  -  12:00am ]

    Happy new year!! (looks like the world didn't blow up after all... ;)

    [ Saturday: December 18th, 1999  -  3:18am ]

    First of all I want to apologize for the lack of updates, it's definitely been too long. I've been going through a lot of personal issues for the past few months. Now for the good news; it's official, Twilight will be released through Interdimensional Industries! There is no exact release date as of yet, but rest assured it won't be long now..

    [ Sunday: August 22nd, 1999  -  7:29pm ]

    Another cool effect added to the opening page. Unfortunately, this one does not work with Netscape browsers (not sure why, any insight would be helpful). It works fine with Internet Explorer browsers though. (Note: Only Netscape/IE have been tested, other browsers may or may not work.)

    [ Thursday: August 19th, 1999  -  9:18pm ]

    If you move your cursor over a text link in the Portals section, you'll see a new effect (this may not work with older browsers).

    [ Wednesday: August 18th, 1999  -  5:31am ]

    There is a new Frequently Asked Questions section. It also includes some interesting facts about Draemgate.

    [ Sunday: August 8th, 1999  -  4:40am ]

    Over 1,020 visitors have come to this web site since it's creation on March 7th, 1999!  I apologize about the lack of updates; something very terrible happened to my fiancée, and we are both trying to reach a stable emotional state again.......

    [ Friday: July 16th, 1999  -  2:12pm ]

    We've won another web award, which can be found in the Portals section. And there is now a Reviews section available (more reviews coming soon)..

    [ Tuesday: July 6th, 1999  -  1:11am ]

    I have revised the explanation of the differences between MetaSynth and our own image-to-sound conversion in the Current Releases section.

    [ Saturday: July 3rd, 1999  -  8:27pm ]

    A preliminary version of the Twilight Win95/98 Theme is available for download (840k) in the Current Releases section.

    [ Tuesday: June 29th, 1999  -  7:49pm ]

    The CD cover artwork has changed a little, and the Portals section has changed quite a bit. I'm also working on a Draemgate Win95/98 desktop theme (wallpaper, cursors, icons, etc.)..

    [ Wednesday: June 16th, 1999  -  2:41am ]

    New MP3 file added to the Twilight music samples section - nearly the entire 7th track! Also added the inside of the Twilight CD insert to the Twilight images section. And there are a few minor changes here and there throughout the site..

    [ Saturday: June 12th, 1999  -  2:27am ]

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been out of town for almost 3 weeks because of a family emergency..  Then to top it off my computer wouldn't start when I got back.. Argh...  Anyway, I'm back.

    [ Saturday: May 22nd, 1999  -  5:25am ]

    Good news! The problem posting on the message board with Netscape browsers has finally been fixed! The bad news is, Internet Explorer users have to suffer a little - the background of the entry areas are no longer "transparent."  No biggie though.  It appears to be a bug in Netscape, or maybe it's just an incompatibility. Either way, it's fixed now. Thanks to Matt Hiltner for pointing out there was a problem in the first place (I never use Netscape anymore ;).

    [ Friday: May 21st, 1999  -  4:33pm ]

    We've won another web-site award, which is posted in the Portals section. I'm working on fixing the problem with the message board - it appears to be an incompatibility with Netscape browsers.

    [ Wednesday: May 19th, 1999  -  11:11pm ]

    The pictures are finally ready! To see them, click on either the left or right side of the cool symbol at the top of the Who We Are page (or click on either of our names in the first paragraph). There are 6 pictures so far, with more coming soon (including pictures of some friends).
    We've had a report of someone not being able to type in the 'message field' on the message board. So far, there is only one person who is having this problem. If you also experience this problem, or any other message board problems, please e-mail us at messageboard_problems@draemgate.com. Please tell us your type of browser (IE, Netscape, etc.) when reporting a problem, thanks!

    [ Monday: May 17th, 1999  -  9:39am ]

    Several pictures of us (including our S.O.'s) will be posted very soon (within the next day or two). I assure you they will not be the usual boring mug shots.. Check back soon!   ;)

    [ Sunday: May 16th, 1999  -  7:33pm ]

    We were having some problems with the previous message board code, so it has been replaced with a Guestbook script. If there is enough increased activity in the future, I will replace it again with better code. Click here to go directly to the message board area.

    [ Saturday: May 15th, 1999  -  3:55pm ]

    Yet, even more updates to the Who We Are section, and various color changes throughout the site.

    [ Thursday: May 13th, 1999  -  6:09pm ]

    Want to put a link on your web page to ours? We now have a link banner which can be found by clicking here. The Portals section has also been updated.       (:  We've also won some various web-site awards!  :)

    [ Wednesday: May 12th, 1999  -  3:31am ]

    Added a few more new things to the Who We Are section..

    [ Sunday: May 9th, 1999  -  1:10pm ]

    Added a small description of how the image-to-sound process works in the Current Releases section.

    [ Saturday: May 1st, 1999  -  2:17pm ]

    Updated the Who We Are section.

    [ Saturday: April 17th, 1999  -  1:09pm ]

    Recent Activity section updated with an image of our T-Shirt artwork.

    [ Friday: April 2nd, 1999  -  10:53pm ]

    Added a new link [Possessive Blindfold] in the portals section, also revised the back cover of the Twilight CD.

    [ Tuesday: March 30th, 1999  -  6:00pm ]

    Three more links added in the portals section.

    [ Sunday: March 21st, 1999  -  6:05pm ]

    The quality of the MP3 files in the music samples section has been improved slightly.

    [ Friday: March 19th, 1999  -  10:20am ]

    Minor updates to various parts of the site, including the portals section.

    [ Monday: March 15th, 1999  -  5:03am ]

    The main page has had major changes again. Also upgraded the navigational bar. Plus a few other changes here and there...

    [ Friday: March 12th, 1999  -  1:25am ]

    Old news was moved to make some more room on this page. Also, a new sound clip is now available for download!!

    [ March 10th, 1999  -  1:25am ]

    We have successfully made the switch over to www.draemgate.com! There have also been changes to the main page, including a new header image and a new navigational image underneath it. Plus several other changes here and there..

    [ March 9th, 1999  -  8:50pm ]

    Message board navigational frame updated.
Important News: We will be switching our web host over to CI Hosting shortly, and the domain name www.draemgate.com has already been reserved for our use. When we make the final switch over, we will erase this entire web-site and replace it with a link to the new URL. Or, you can simply use www.draemgate.com to access the new location.

    [ March 5th, 1999  -  1:08am ]

    All backgrounds, except for the main page background, have been changed to new textures. Who We Are has also been updated.

    [ March 4th, 1999  -  8:08pm ]

    aCk²    The background on the main page was messed up for greater than 800x600 resolutions. It's fixed now. Also changed the background texture for the message board.

    [ March 3rd, 1999  -  2:37am ]

    Added an article about psychoacoustics in the Sound Clips from Twilight section.  (changed 6/29/99)

    [ March 3rd, 1999  -  12:13am ]

    It wasn't allowing anyone to download the music sample with an MP3 extension for some odd reason. This could be caused by Tripod blocking MP3 file transfers. I compressed it in the .ZIP file format instead. Hope this works for now..

    [ March 2nd, 1999  -  5:20pm ]

    Added the back cover of the CD for Twilight. Slightly redesigned main web page. Updated Recent Activity, and Current Releases. And finally added an MP3 music sample!

    [ February 27th, 1999  -  6:00pm ]

    The majority of the website is complete, including most of the message board area. The Official Draemgate web-site is ready for public enjoyment! The only major thing missing is an example of our music. And even that will be up fairly soon. It will probably be in the MP3 file format. Keep checking back for new stuff!