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        Twilight was created entirely with images that have been converted into audible sound. (For more information about this conversion process, please see the FAQ section.) Over a hundred images were used of crop circles, deep space nebulae, and other various designs and natural formations. Full track MP3 samples can be found in the downloads section. Spectral analysis images of the entire CD is also available. Click here for some interesting facts about the CD.

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        Interdimensional Industries: "Marking the first non-Canadian project signed to the Interdimensional roster, Draemgate brings an incredible new element of sound to the pool of artists currently involved with the Interdimensional family. Vibrating metallic drones, vast crystalline sound-structures, and a philosophy of psychoacoustic experimentalism make Draemgate a valued addition to our already formidable array of talent. The debut CD, "Twilight," is an exercise in the hidden sounds of esoteric paranormal activity."


Note: There was a minor mistake for the credit of audio mastering on the inside of the insert. Mastering was entirely by Matthew Kieren.


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